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Costa Rica | Honeymoon

I will eventually post our wedding blog, but I thought in the middle of this pandemic a "where to go" blog might be helpful for some brides that are still wedding planning or who have had to reschedule/cancel their plans! Before my honeymoon I had never been out of the country. Heck, before I met Juan I had barely left Florida. I had always loved the idea of traveling and especially seeing the world but most of the time small town girls don't really get out much!

It wasn't super hard to decide, Juan just mentioned Costa Rica and I said okay. So then the research began. Weirdly enough we took a chance and we used Groupon. Groupon doesn't have the exact one that we booked since it's been three years but I've linked two similar ones here so that you can get an idea of what we looked at!

7 Day Eco Tour | 5 Day Eco Tour

We decided to take a chance and book the groupon and honestly we have no regrets. Our reasoning was because it was all inclusive including our tours (minus air fair - which is also fairly inexpensive depending on where you are flying out of) & affordable. We still had freedom to do some things on our own as well.

I will tell you to plan better than we did with our departure to our honeymoon. We left our wedding at 11:00PM, went home to pick up our bags, changed into airport clothes, and then headed to the airport for our 5 AM flight. Once we got to Costa Rica we still had a three hour drive to the resort. I think when it was all said and done we had been awake for a total of 30 hours. Our first night in the resort we didn't even eat. We went straight to sleep and slept all the way until the next morning. So n give yourself time to go home and sleep before leaving for your honeymoon.

After getting our sleep on, we had the cutest little breakfast in the resort and started off for our first journey - Zip Lining! THREE THOUSAND feet in the air. I'm not a heights person, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity. It wasn't until after we made the hike up to the top that Juan heard the guide say that this was an expert trail. HA! Thanks guys. I was overly terrified of going alone, but all the guides had been requested so ya girl ziplined with the photographer. Ironic, I know. I did it though, and it was exhilarating. As someone who tends to play it safe and let my anxiety get the best of me I'm here to tell you take the leap. Unless its an upside down roller coaster and then in that case, I'm out. After we finished zip lining we had the opportunity to walk through the land of the native people of Costa Rica. How gracious they were to show us their huts made out of straw, and give us a sweet history lesson about their land and their ancestors. Later in the evening we were picked up and whisked away to a neighboring resort and were wined, dined and given full access to heated pools and hot tubs. A dream really.

On our second adventure day we went hiking on a volcano! What a surreal thing, to walk up an active volcano and see the beauty of the world from it. Also along this hike, Juan ate a termite & says they taste like lemon and carrots.

Not pictured(but in the video) we ATV'd on our third adventure day. And the day after we drove to Jaco beach for our next resort experience. Jaco beach was so different from what I'm used to in florida because of the black sandy beaches. During our stay in Jaco we took a boat tour as well that got us up close and personal with wildlife!

The one thing that wasn't included in our stay was my "gift" to Juan. This man loves to fish and I knew we couldn't go to Costa Rica without him having the opportunity to fish. So when the idea even surfaced I insisted he do it. It just happened to be the most incredible time. He found a local guide that was willing to not only let him fish but offered to take us to Tortuga. *Please take note that not all situations are safe, you should stay in the suggested areas, not go out at night in some destinations and alway be aware of your surroundings. Us using a local guide was vetted by Juan thoroughly and made sure that we weren't being scammed or putting ourselves in danger*

While Juan fished on the way to Tortuga, I enjoyed the sun and really had time to reflect on the previous week. I had time to feel in awe of all the experiences that brought me to that point and really just value Juan before he was my husband and who he was now as my husband. Arriving at Tortuga was so beautiful as you can see from the pictures. We met island pigs, ate lunch with parrots, and hiked the cliff side to visit with Key Deer. The kindness and hospitality that the locals of Costa Rica showed Juan and I is something we will never forget. Juan jokes that we will retire there and we seriously hope that after the Covid-19 virus subsides we can revisit again!

Feel free to reach out if you have any travel questions about Costa Rica :) In the meantime here is the video that Juan put together of our experience.

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