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Current Moments Photography

I created CMP officially in early 2015 but really invested more time and energy in learning late 2015 and through 2016. My maiden name is Current, an unusual last name but it made for a great business title. I'm a hobby photographer based out of Jacksonville, Florida and I'm constantly trying to perfect my style and its always changing and evolving. I'll never stop learning, and it'll always be a passion of mine. Growing up my dad had a dark room in a little shed that was housed in our backyard. I remember spending time with him red light surrounding us, watching him develop pictures. I remember those times every time I'm about to create an image and it fuels me to want to be better and create something that he would be proud of. For me personally the images we take today are the only way we can physically share memories tomorrow. So in this section of the "blog" you'll find recent sessions, advice surrounding those type of sessions and any fun or interesting things surrounding them. You'll learn that each session is curated to the person(s) I'm doing it for.

Thanks for stopping by!

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