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Holiday Gift Guide

Merry Christmas everyone!! What a joyous time we all REALLY need. 2020 is on its way out and I for one am super excited about that. I am the Christmas queen in this family and I proudly wear the crown starting November 1st.

This will be our second Christmas in our new home but, last year we were still getting settled. So I'm excited to make this year extra special for us. Beginning November 1st I sit down, write everyone out and start my Christmas list. I thought I would just share some of my favorite items with you all. I have a few different Holiday gift guides with links to each item!

I'm not sure if anyone remembers the saga that was our Christmas pictures last year, but lord only knows what it'll look like this year, hahah!

I hope you enjoy and don't forget if you have the LiketoKnowit app follow me @ CurrentMomentsLifestyle.

The Wine Lover

My friends and I love a good girls night and we love to share a bottle of wine and catch up. These are my go to essentials for any of my wine lovers! (clickable links attached!)

  • Charcuterie Cheese Board - On sale for $49.99 on Amazon & there is currently a coupon for an extra 10% off.

  • Brumate Insulated Wine Set - These are a little bit pricier but they are currently on sale for $59.99 verus the normal $79.99. The navy one I have above is currently out of stock but I've linked a similar black one for you. These are great for the nights around the fire.

  • Outdoor Wine Table - I'm not sure if you can tell yet but we spend a lot of time outside and during the colder months we love to have friends over to sit by the fire. These are available in Bed, Bath and Beyond as well - If you've never signed up for their email notifications you can get 20% off as well. I just love the wooded one from Amazon for $29.99 (back when that was allowed)

  • Decanter - I can't pretend that I am super overly familiar with decanters and how they work but this one was pretty to me and I thought it would look nice on a bar cart haha!! There are definitely more extravagant ones but with so many people in our lives I try to keep gifts (way) under $50 for adults. ha! This is $44.95 from Amazon!

  • Automatic Wine Opener - This is a MUST have. Everyone of my girls has one of these and we swear by them. The original one linked is $25 from Amazon, but you can get them at Target for as little as $17.79

  • Traditional Wine Glasses - You can't go wrong with these, especially if you are throwing them in a cute little "Cozy" basket for someone. My sister in law gets a new set of standard wine glasses from me every year. They are appreciated every year! The original ones linked are $18.99 on Amazon but Target also has plastic ones for $3 a piece - which would be great in a basket!

The Cozy Friend

Lets be honest though, at this point 2020 has made us all the "cozy friend"

  • Cozy Robe - I love this snuggly robe, it really is so soft and without the Ugg price tag! Just $29.99 at Target!

  • Under Eye Patch - I personally love these little gold under eye patches, and I always through these in gift baskets or toss a couple pairs into a giveaway. A refreshing gift for just $10!

  • Face Mask - Good face masks tend to be a little more expensive, but maybe you're looking to gift yourself something nice this Holiday season. I splurged and got myself this Self-Care Sunday Nourishing Mask and so far I am loving it. Dang the Marketing for getting me but hey, we all love a good self care day. $48

  • Soft Slippers - I think the cross faux fur slippers are so cute but I feel like these faux fur slide slippers from Stars Above tend to stay on my feet better, and they don't make my feet hot! I'm excited to gift them to a few of my girls this year! $16 at Target

  • Cozy PJs - I found two sets that I love! They are both from Target's Stars Above line but I have some friends who love fun prints and some that would prefer to stick with something more solid. For fun prints I love this Animal Print. For friend's that don't LOVE a crazy print I would the Gray set! Both are the same price for $29.99

  • I probably should have added this to the wine lover section but I felt like if fit perfectly here, especially if its self care day! I love this Shower Wine Holder. It's perfect for that all in one shower/bath evening. I've looked around and it's basically the same $14.99 price but I just tend to get things on Amazon..probably more than I should! Haha. I've seen these located at Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as Target also.

  • COZY BLANKET - I don't stumble into Walmart very often but I needed dog food while I was out the other day so ran in quickly. They had the Sherpa blankets on the end cap and I was literally in Blanket heaven. I LOVE a cozy blanket so I picked up two of these and they are essential to my couch and bed now :) and they are seriously only $8.88!

* if you're gifting a basket, you can always add in nail polish, sleep masks, fuzzy socks, a nice candle and bath bombs with any of the above items!

Dog/Cat Lover (I see you Fur Mommas!)

Anyone who knows us knows if they come to our house they are leaving with dog hair, free of charge! So maybe if you're gifting an animal lover, you might want to throw in a lint roller just for fun. I will also add that the stores like Francescas, Natural Life, The Copper Closet, Urban Outfitters tend to have a lot of really cutesy gifts that are related to dogs and cats - tons of accessories, coffee mugs, plant holders etc. I've linked just a few of my favorite items here. I also try to also shop local and small business as well. (working on a local small business blog also!)

  • Plush Dog Toy I think plush toys are so cute for smaller dogs/cats. Personally our 70lb doggies would destroy these in a second. But it doesn't get cuter than Avocado toast or Chicken-N-Waffles! $9.50-11.50 at Francescas.

  • Dog Mother Wine Lover Hat I have this baseball hat in a gray color and I wear it all the time. It's so comfy! I really love the wine color featured and may have to treat myself this season. $20 at Francescas

  • Dog Mama Hat These Baseball hats from Francescas hold up pretty well. The one I currently have I have had for about 4 years and it's still in great shape. $20

  • Cat Mom Hat YAY! They have one for the Cat mamas! (I love Cats but Juan is allergic so I just play with my Sister's kitties any chance I get) $20 at Francescas.

  • These little cat earrings are simple to just throw in the bag but it definitely adds a little touch. These are cute for the littles as well. Amazon Cat Earrings $13.99/Amazon Pearl Cat Earrings $20

  • BarkBox Gift Subscription BarkBox is such a sweet gift for the pups and you can gift one free month for just $35! Chewy also offers "gift boxes" for Cats as well for $24.99. I can't speak to the Cat boxes because we only have pups but they look fun!

  • Reusable Coffee Sleeve How cute is this??? And it's only $7 from Natural Life.Perfect stocking stuffer.

  • Cat Magnet Clips If you're my friend and you have a cat, you're probably getting these this year! These are so sweet and even though they are fridge magnets I think they would be cute in the home office space or even for the chip bags! You can find these at Natural life for $20

  • Reusable Cat Canvas Tote We love an environment friendly gift ;) This reusable Canvas tote is just $13.99 Amazon - Don't forget to recycle all of your holiday boxes this year!

  • Doggie Dish Towels I linked this set from Amazon for $9.44 but like I mentioned above, tons of local small business make these this time of year so if you can shop local/small.

Things I didn't list but I think are cute for stocking stuffers/gift baskets - Office supplies, wine glasses "show me your kitties", Fuzzy Cat/Dog socks, paw shaped cutting boards, tumblers.

Bar Cart Enthusiast

Juan and I aren't big drinkers but back when the world was normal we did host a lot. I try to keep my bar cart stocked for guest and I love to decorate it from season to season. For the everyday essentials I've linked some of my favorite items.

  • Bartender Kit There are a ton of different Bartender Kits out there - even on Amazon. Various sizes and prices for any space or budget. You can also tend to fine these in stores like TjMaxx, Khols, and Home Goods around the holidays. The one I linked is $40.99 and there appears to be a 18% coupon available as well.

  • Wine Chillers - I tried to link a few different versions. I love love love the S'well Calacatta Gold chiller but its a little on the pricier side at $40 from Amazon. For almost half the price you can get the marble one from Amazon for $22 but for the least expensive option I've linked the silver one from Amazon for $15.

  • Whiskey Ice Cubes - I linked two different kinds because some people prefer round and some prefer actual cubes. The round ones are from Amazon and are $25 while the cube set is from Khols for $13.44 (originally $24)

  • Wine Holder - Obviously there is a lot of gold in my house so this geometrical wine holder ($24.49) blends in perfectly for my bar cart. However, if you are buying for him you can check out this wooden one from target for $29.99!

  • I love these whiskey glasses from Crate and Barrel. They seem elegant to me, but whiskey glasses are again one of those gifts that you can find just about anywhere during the holiday season! These are just $10.95 each.

  • This liquor display gift set is a little more masculine but I feel like it will look nice in any bar! It's $57 but it comes with glasses and the ice cubes!

Grill Master

My brother in law is the "grill guy" so it's fun seeing what he likes to use. He travels a lot for work but when he comes home he's always creating new recipes. I've linked some of our grill must haves!

  • Custom Aprons aren't always everyones cup of tea, but if it fits the personality of your guy you can get them custom ones from this Etsy account for $17.59.

  • I also love gifting personalized cutting boards for all the chefs in our family. I've linked this one from Etsy starting at $26.95

  • As I mentioned my brother in law travels (drives) a lot for work so last year we got him this travel grill tool kit so that he could take it on the rode with him! it's so convenient and only $20 from Academy

  • Every chef needs a Cast Iron Skillet - Amazon has this set of 2 for $40

  • For your smoker guy we love using these whiskey wood chips. Who said guys can't get gift baskets too? These would fit perfectly in a grill gift basket, especially for $9

  • In our family we also eat a lot of tostones and we love shredded meat on them. These meat claws are AMAZING - and they are so cheap, only $12.95

  • Someone in my family is definitely getting a grill basket this year haha! This 5-in-1 spatula looks awesome! A knife, spatula, fork etc - all for $20 from The Grommet

  • I like this burger press, really just for the shear convenience of it. It's 2020, we love convenience! This one has pretty good reviews on Amazon and its $15

  • If you're willing to spend the money, and you really really love convenience Man Crates are also AMAZING! They really cover just about anything you could want for guy gifts. I've linked the website for the grill crates specifically. The prices range from $29.99 to about $180.

I try to find affordable but functional gifts for our friends and family. I hope these gift guides helped you a little. I will say when in doubt - GIFT BASKET! It's so easy to throw a bunch of cute little things together to make it feel like a big, thoughtful gift. I can't wait to spend this holiday season with you all - especially this years decorations. EEEK! Stay tuned. In the meantime just in case my family reads this I‘ve added my holiday wish list below - jk to my family but, maybe this list will help you for your mom, sister or wife!

This is my boujee wish list. Also, at this point Amazon should sponsor me haha!

Bissell CrossWave All-in-One Cleaner $269 at Target

iRobot $299 on Amazon

Oral-B Toothbrush $171 on Amazon

Jewelry Organizers $32 on Amazon

Kitchen Aid Noodle Attachment $119 on Amazon

Nespresso w/Frother $200 on Amazon

White Knife Set $89 on Amazon

Tula Essentials Starter Kit $138 at

Glass Tea Pot $23 on Amazon & Tea Organizer $16 on Amazon

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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