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Hollie's Baby Shower

I loved this baby shower so much! We had to have it inside but we made the most out of the space and really brought the boho theme alive while we waited for baby Hollie's arrival. I hope you find some inspiration if you are planning a boho baby shower for a girly girl mom!

Location: Callahan Florida

MUA: Jen Wooten

Cake Artist: Shanna Leigh

Cake Pops: Terri Wolfert

Catering: Callahan BBQ

Games:Price is Right, Diaper Raffle, Don't Say Baby, Guess the Baby Food

Florals: Publix

Centerpiece Photography: Current Moments Photography

Thumbprint Guest Book: Etsy

Onsies: Etsy (I can't find the exact shop, but found one similar)

Teepee: I purchased this one a while ago from Hobby Lobby - I can't find the exact one but I found and less expensive canvas one on amazon for $29 (here)

Mercury Glass Mason Jars: I got these at Michaels but can no longer find them listed on their website - given its spring they may bring them back in stock! I found a similar version on amazon - (Set of 6)

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