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Nataly's Bridal Shower

I love, love so much. It's my favorite thing watching the people in my life find happiness.

I've been the MOH in FIVE weddings

I would say its 87% that my friends love me, but 13% that I have OCD and I'm a very obnoxious planner. I love making lists, narrowing things down and designing a beautiful space. Nataly asked Kristen and I to be her Co-Maids and immediately we went to work curating a style for Nataly who is basically a boho Puerto Rican princess. The great thing about her shower is I still had a ton of items left over from the boho baby shower for Kristen's baby Hollie a couple of years prior. This is the part where my husband decides that I'm a smart "hoarder" because he didn't have to watch out bank account dip that much haha!

Nataly's bridal shower was suppose to take place outside but considering we are in Florida, you honestly never know how the weather is going to turn out. Here it will be raining on one side of the street and not the other, but will also rain while its 90 and sunny outside. Unfortunately the weekend of her shower brought terrible thunderstorms and tons of rain so we had to move our beautiful design inside her MIL's house. Also, let us just take a moment to praise the GOOD mother in-laws of the world because, God bless Claudia is she one of them! She has loved Nataly since day one, and the first time she met Nat's friends she has taken us all in. She's fed us, gifted us and loved us whenever we needed it. So Claudia we love you, thanks for keeping the MIL crazy to a very small level haha!

Okay! On to the good stuff. I hope you enjoy seeing our transformation from living room to boho & barefoot bridal shower :)

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