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Who isn't obsessed with little baby cheeks?! And if you aren't no judgement, but seriously you really aren't obsessed? When I started doing photography I was about 3 weeks into really putting myself out there when a friend asked if I could do her newborn session. "Of course I will, but I'm not a professional." That was my answer time and time again because newborn photography SCARED me. Handling someone else's baby? Was I qualified? Did I know the safety precautions to take? At the time my answer was no to all of them.

This was my first shoot for sweet baby Charlie in 2016

My style has obviously been molded in a million different ways since this shoot, but it forced me to spend hours researching the dos and don't of newborn photography. This led to learning about wrapping safety, correct temperatures for babies (even though mommas and daddies may run hot, little babies get cold!), and the write materials to use.

When it came down to it and as I continued to practice with the sweetest newborns, I came to realize that I LOVED a more lifestyle approach to newborn photography. Also, snuggling sweet little babies for a job, kind of a dream - 10/10 would recommend :)

Check back for more sweet baby shoots! As always you can check out Current Moments Photography on instagram for more content!

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