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Welcome to the Cloffice

2020 was definitely an unexpected year for most of us. It brought so much change, including the majority of America becoming homeschool teachers while learning how to work from home. For the first few months of quarantine I was the only one in my family who could work from home so my niece and nephew did homeschool from my house and it really got me thinking about our future children and how I could really start making our house more conductive for the future.

I just had this image of my nieces and nephews getting bigger, having more projects and friends - and while they obviously have their own homes to go to, I'd like to think of our house being the one with all the cool craft supplies ;). I started thinking that eventually (fingers crossed, and some serious prayers) we'd have our own little babies running around in the mix of preteens we would already be spending time with. I imagined craft nights, baking nights, birthday parties, science projects, etc. and I just realized our space really doesn't honor all of the wonderful things that are to come for our family.

I love our home, it's already beautiful to me but, it wouldn't be if I didn't constantly feel the need to change something - haha! We live on a beautiful little lake and it really is such a peaceful place for me. However, it's only 3 bedrooms, so once you take a room for a baby and a room for guest you're pretty limited to whats left. It'll obviously take me a lot of time to get all of the spaces the way I want them but, creating an easier work space seemed to be one of the easier tasks to tackle.

The closet across from our laundry room really only served a purpose of storing random things.

It's a great space but it was set up this way when we bought the house and I really never had the time to make changes. Thankfully over Christmas, our cousin Pablo was here to help transform this space into a truly usable space. He owns a company called Master P's and normally does BEAUTIFUL kitchens in the Miami area. You can check out his Instagram page @pav_425.

The closet has this kind of weird rounded corner, so the desk shelving had to be completely custom.

Most of my "office" accents are pink and gold so I contemplated doing the sponge paint in pink. I narrowed it down to Bubble Shell pink and Paradise Found Green. Later this year I plan to paint our laundry room and was leaning more towards a sage green, so I thought going with the Paradise Found would help tie it in.

I saw Alexa Anglin sponge paint her play room and I loved it. I sponge painted the whole inside of the closet. It only took me about an hour to do the entire closet. There is really no perfect line during this process. All you need is a dish sponge and then decide if you want longer lines or shorter ones. I tried both a damp sponger and a dry one, I was more successful with the dry sponge.

Once finished, Pablo began prepping for the shelves. We chose Birch Wood and used the Golden Oak stain

Once finished, I loved being able to bring my normal everyday accents into the space

Such a simple transformation, but so fun. It gives us so much more space to WFH, if the kids need a space to do homework or draw, and now that both Juan and I will be WFH we are able to work in separate spaces. Sooooo Thankful for our cousin and his talents. If you're looking to transform one of your spaces in to a more convenient work space and you're local to the Jacksonville Area give him a shout!

A lot of the knickknacks aren't linkable but I will list them here

  • Hello Darlin' - Home Goods - Reversible, other side says "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"

  • Choose Joy - TJ Maxx

  • Marble Picture Frame - TJ Maxx

  • Fake Succulents - Target

  • Like a Boss Name Plate - Home Goods

  • Envelope/Stationary holder - TJ Maxx

  • Paper Clip holder - Home Goods

  • Stapler & Tape Dispenser - Target

  • Pen holder - TJ Maxx

  • Weekly List - TJ Maxx

  • Fake Plant - TJ Maxx

  • Custom Stationary by Designs from the heart

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